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 Gigadrive Gigadrive

Gigadrive is a package of two incredible disk tool kits. The duplicator lets you copy simply and quickly a lot of disks. With the editor, you can access to the most hidden parts of your disks and view, disassemble, modify or repair your data.

The disk editor

Gigadrive - Hexadecimal editor
Gigadrive - Hexadecimal editor - Click to enlarge

With the editor you can: view, modify, recover, code, decode, compute, search, and do many other things... in binary, decimal, hexa, octal, ASCII and ANSI.

And this directly, without going through a conversion utility like in other similar products...

Gigadrive works perfectly under the multitask environments such as Windows 9x, so you don't have to go back to MS-DOS to use the editor!

Try it now at least for its powerful and ergonomic calculator, and its didactic manual in french.

The duplicator

Gigadrive - Fast duplicator
Gigadrive - Fast duplicator - Click to enlarge

The duplicator is very fast, powerful, useful, small and overall FREE!

Yes, it's a CARDWARE! So if you use it, just send me a postcard...

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With Gigadrive access the most hidden parts of your disks to view, disassemble, modify and repair your data.

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