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Savage Erazor 1.4.3 - 2003/12/17

Meanwhile the next version of Savage Erazor, here an intermediate release which brings several corrections and minor improvements.

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Poll results - 2003/11/30

You are a majority (approximately 75%) to use the modern versions of Windows: XP and 2000.

That is not surprising, since they are rather reliable and ergonomic. Moreover that completely match to Microsoft's objectives which will cease to support Windows 98 in course of the year 2004.

Windows 95 seems - a priori - not to be used anymore by general public. And the "bastard" Windows Millenium (less than 10%), wedged between Windows 98 and Windows XP, did not succeed to assert itself.

New Page - 2003/10/20

Take a look at the new links page about computer hardware, programming and video games. Simply click on Web links icon at the top right of this page to get access.

Savage Erazor 1.4.2 - 2003/07/26

This new release of Savage Erazor brings several minor enhancements and corrections.

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Gigadrive 3.1 Free! - 2003/07/17

After many years of loyal services, Gigadrive 3.1 becomes a freeware!

Gigadrive is a powerful, user friendly, MS-DOS disk duplicator and hexadecimal editor.

Download now the full version of Gigadrive 3.1 with its manual in French!

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Savage Erazor is a user friendly utility to clean up your hard drives and to protect your privacy by deleting Internet temp files, history and cookies.

Savage Erazor
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