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Coming soon - 2003/01/16

The web site is currently under reconstruction. New presentation will be clearer and especially more beautiful.

A new version of Savage Erazor is currently under development. It will offer new functionalities and several improvements.

And - may be - you will have the pleasure to try a pre-version of Gigadrive 4.0 this year!

Technical problems - 2002/10/23

Due to serious technical problems, a bad version of Savage Erazor 1.32 has been released on Sunday, 20th and couldn't have been replaced before Wednesday, 23th.

The current available 1.32 version is the good one.

We apologize you for this trouble.

Savage Erazor 1.3.2 - 2002/10/20

New release of Savage Erazor with theses main fixes:

  • Each new project includes now most common temporary files types
  • Several minor corrections and enhancements

  Download Try Savage Erazor

Savage Erazor 1.3.1 - 2002/10/09

New maintenance release of Savage Erazor with theses main fixes:

  • *.LOG file type removed from default type list
    (because used by some old uninstallers)
  • Language choice was not handled correctly in most of cases

Savage Erazor 1.3 - 2002/06/11

A new release of Savage Erazor with:

  • A comprehensive help file
  • Faster and more powerful folder purge


Savage Erazor is a user friendly utility to clean up your hard drives and to protect your privacy by deleting Internet temp files, history and cookies.

Savage Erazor
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