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 Savage Erazor Order Savage Erazor

By registering:

  • You can access support and assistance via email;
  • You gain rights for all future updates up to next major update;
  • You will encourage the author to further develop and improve Savage Erazor, making possible new releases.

To register, you need a registration number:

  • If you don't already have a registration number, you first have to order one on the approved and secure registration site:
  • Choose required license count then follow order instruction. (One license per user is required)
  • Upon receipt of your registration fee with the completed registration form you will receive a registration key by email.

How to enter registration key:

  • Launch Savage Erazor
  • Go to the help menu '?'
  • Select 'Register...' function
  • Enter your registration code.

And voila! You're now a full registered user!


If for any raison, you must reinstall later Savage Erazor and you are already a registered user. You don't need to pay for another registration number, simply re-enter you current number if needed.

 Gigadrive Register Gigadrive


Gigadrive 3.1 is now a freeware. You can use the full version without paying.

If you wish, you can carry out a donation on the following secure web site:

Your donations encourage the author to develop future versions.


Savage Erazor is a user friendly utility to clean up your hard drives and to protect your privacy by deleting Internet temp files, history and cookies.

Savage Erazor
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