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Savage Erazor

 Savage Erazor Savage Erazor

Savage Erazor is a user friendly utility to purge your hard disk by deleting useless files like temporary data and obsolete logs.

You can also clean up folders before archiving them and protect your privacy by deleting Internet temp files, history and cookies.

Savage Erazor
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Why Savage Erazor?

Many software programs like Windows itself make use of temporary files that were never erased! This is a waste of your hard disk free space.

As the time goes by, these files can take a lot of place. It's not surprising to see that hundreds of mega bytes are wasted.

All theses temporary files can be erased - without risk - to recover all this lost space. With Savage Erazor you can safely and rapidly erase all theses files to recover wasted space.

Moreover, many creation tools like programming tools and other similar software generate a huge number of working files that are never deleted, even when you use internal 'clean' function.

Also protect you privacy by using Savage Erasor to purge Internet Explorer and Netscape temp files, history & cookies.

Clean up your data folder can greatly reduce its size before archiving it on ZIP or CD.

With Savage Erazor you can:

  • Purge temp folders
  • Clean up folders and hard disks
  • Erase specific files and folders
  • Erase predefined temporary files types
  • Erase custom files types

At the same time you can also:

  • Erase Internet temp files, history & cookies
  • Empty recent document list
  • Empty Recycle.bin

Savage Erazor is safe:

  • By default, all erased files and folders will be put into Recycle.bin (so you can restore it if you made a mistake);
  • By default Savage Erasor will not erase read-only files (you can override this setting);
  • Savage Erasor will never erase system files or folders;
  • Dangerous wildcards like *.* are rejected.

Frequent use of Savage Erazor (typically before hard disk defragmentation) can greatly increase your free space and your system speed.

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With Savage Erazor clean up your hard disks and protect your privacy by deleting Internet temp files, history and cookies.

  Download Download Savage Erazor

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